MayBeau Activated Teeth Whitening Natural Coconut Charcoal Powder, Mint, 2.8 Ounce




  • Product ID: 6970643360646
  • WHITEN YOUR TEETH: MayBeau high quality coconut activated charcoal power features highest adsorption and effectiveness in removing impurities, is a great natural teeth whitening alternative to laser and chemically based teeth-whitening treatments.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our teeth whitening powder approved FDA certificated, no harmful additives or fluoride, never damage teeth enamel. Help you to restore your strong white teeth and bring you the best smile.
  • ULTRA FINE TEXTURE: Ultra Fine Powder with exceptionally high adsorption rate, it does not scratch the teeth instead only terribly effective at binding surface stains on teeth resulting from substances such as coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes.
  • REFRESH BREATH: With natural peppermint flavor, our organic teeth whitening charcoal powder can eliminate bad breath, detoxify your mouth, fight cavities, plaque, bacteria, gingivitis and prevent tooth decay, ensures you have the fresh taste the whole day.
  • You could use it like the normal brush teeth, for 1-2 minutes and up to 2 times a day. Please insist on using at least one month for healthy cleaner whiter teeth.


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